Why Samsung Galaxy S9 will be best choise?

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Are planning to purchase a classic and the most up-to-date smartphone? Samsung Galaxy S9 is your best choice, and the expectation of its launching is on 25 February 2018. Naturally, the handset is expected to introduce new inventions in the mobile industry, such as new hardware and software upgrades, and probably a new design. Some of the significant features of the invention display and models include:

According to the Korean news outlet ETNews on April 2017, they stated that the Samsung company was working on a new lamination development that would enable smartphone screens to have curves on all the edges. Therefore, making Galaxy S9 the possible host device for the latest technology.

The size of the phone is expected to be similar to that of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Unquestionably, a report by The Bell testified that the Samsung had ordered supplies of 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch edge-to-edge, curved infinity display to be used in the manufacture of the new device. Besides, the report suggests that the screens will be enhanced by the addition of an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor, a unique invention from other Samsung phones with fingerprint scanners next to the rear camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S9; also, is to have an incredible new camera sensor, with capabilities of shooting up to 1,000 frames per second. Moreover, the device will have a 3D sensor front camera which will enable it to produce high-quality images.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S9 is to have other new features, such as modular designs with magnets on the rear; therefore, enabling you to attach accessories, such as battery packs and zoom lenses. Also, the device will have an atmospheric condition sensor, which will be alerting you, on pollution levels in the air.

Besides, Samsung has licensed a glass coating technology that enables water drops to bounce off your phone screen; hence, making Galaxy S9 more comfortable to use in the rain.

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