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Whatsapp's New Policy, What Has Changed?

Whatsapp policy
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Whatsapp's New Policy, What Has Changed? - WhatsApp, in early January this year, started rolling out a notification of a new privacy policy from its service. Initially, this rule will take effect from February 8, 2021. Since being rolled out, WhatsApp's new privacy policy has raised many questions and made users worry.

In the end, WhatsApp decided to postpone the effective implementation of the new policy and took effect from Saturday (15/5/2021) so that it could provide an explanation of the new rules. In addition, the delay also allows users to have time to understand the new policies. Following are the new WhatsApp policies:

WhatsApp Business Users Can Manage Chats

For those of you business people who use Facebook hosting, you will be able to manage WhatsApp chats, answer questions, and send information to customers such as purchase receipts.

When you choose to communicate with business people who use this Facebook hosting, either by phone, e-mail, or WhatsApp, you can use that information for marketing or advertising on Facebook. However, you can choose whether you want to interact with the business account or not.

User Data Processing

In this update, WhatsApp made additional information on how the application works. This includes the way data is processed and user data is properly guarded.

How WhatsApp Works with its Parent, Facebook.

To illustrate how it is working with Facebook in this new WhatsApp policy, it provides specific examples, especially in terms of product and service offerings.

You can receive order information, transactions, delivery and delivery notifications, marketing and more.

Things haven't changed
Private Chat Privacy and Security

WhatsApp or Facebook cannot see your private content such as messages and calls, attachments or location sent. In addition, WhatsApp also does not keep notes with anyone you send messages or make calls and does not share your contact list with Facebook.

This new WhatsApp policy still does not change either WhatsApp or Facebook to view private messages or hear your phone conversations. This is because your WhatsApp conversations or messages are protected with end to end encryption. Apart from that WhatsApp also confirmed four other points,:

Does not save or record your messages or calls
Can't see the shared location
Don't share your contacts with Facebook
WhatsApp groups remain private
Business Account Management

In its policy, WhatsApp does not provide users' phone numbers to business parties or services and prohibits contacting WhatsApp users without first receiving consent from the user to do so.

This makes you a Whatsapp user in control who can share phone numbers with business accounts and can block them at any time.

Besides that, the new WhatsApp policy also has other privacy features such as setting messages to become temporary messages and you can control who can add to new groups.

User Data Still Under WhatsApp's Control

WhatsApp does not share user data with its parent company, Facebook, despite this update. You can see the full terms regarding Whatsapp updates at the WhatsApp terms link.

When Does the Policy Apply?

On May 15, 2021, this new policy will take effect. To accept these terms and privacy policy you will be given a choice by selecting "Accept" or "Accept".

However, if you do not accept or agree to the new WhatsApp policy update, you can select "Not Now". However, if you do not accept or accept the update there will be consequences that will be accepted

You will not be able to receive updates, and will only get limited functionality from the WhatsApp service which takes effect for a short time in just a few weeks.

If you don't receive the new rules, you can still make calls and get notifications even though you can't receive and send messages. Furthermore, your account will be in an inactive status and will no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

That's all about the new WhatsApp policy, and this policy update does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family.


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