WhasApp Official Vs Mod

WhatsApp Official vs WhatsApp Mod, Which is Better?

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Mod
21 May  lens6 min read star_rate

Between the Official WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Mod, which one is superior? - WhatsApp is one of the social media that is in great demand by Indonesians because it is very easy to use and is supported by various features that are always updated all the time.

Along with the popularity of WhatsApp in the Community, various kinds of WhatsApp are now appearing which are made by irresponsible people. One of them is the WhatsApp mod which is an unofficial WhatsApp.

Maybe you are already familiar with the name WhatsApp on this one. Because lately, the official WhatsApp has blocked many WhatsApp numbers that use WhatsApp mod and have shocked the Indonesian people.

The blocking did not take long, only around 24 to 48 hours as a warning or warning for Whatsapp mod users to stop using the official WhatsApp.

Until now, many people still use WhatsApp mod because between the official WhatsApp and the WhatsApp mod, WhatsApp mod is better than the official Whatsapp.

Of course, this makes people wonder what is the difference between the official WhatsApp and the unofficial WhatsApp or WhatsApp mod.

For this reason, below will explain several things about official WhatsApp and WhatsApp mods in terms of their advantages. The more detailed explanation is as follows:

The advantages of WhatsApp Original

There are several advantages of the original WhatsApp that distinguish between the official WhatsApp and the WhatsApp mod, which are as follows:

•    Easy to use

Automatic contact sync so you don't have to re-save your friends' cellphone numbers on WhatsApp anymore. All services are free because there are no advertisements when you use WhatsApp.

The group features are amazing like file sharing, 8 person video calls and many more.
High security supported by end-to-end encryption features means that the message can only be read by the sending and receiving devices so that even if your account is compromised by an irresponsible person, they can only see an empty list of chat groups.

In addition, what distinguishes between the official WhatsApp and the WhatsApp mod is that when you use the official WhatsApp you can be sure that no one can hack your account, because if that happens you will get confirmation that someone wants to try to log into your account.

It doesn't require a high-speed connection, so you can't use WhatsApp even with the Edge network.

Can chat and video calls across countries
Always update features every year.
Lack of WhatsApp Original

Everything has its own drawbacks, as well as this official WhatsApp. The drawbacks are as follows:

•    The big risk is the possibility of account hacking

It consumes a large amount of internet quota, especially when viewing stories or downloading videos.

Data is not stored securely and allows the risk of spreading personal data. Therefore, some people don't provide complete information on WhatsApp.

The advantages of WhatsApp Mod

The advantages offered by WhatsApp mod that distinguish between official WhatsApp and WhatsApp mod are :

You can lock chats with a password so that no one can open them.

Can create unlimited status.

Offers the feature of forwarding chats or messages to many groups without restrictions.

•    Disadvantages of WhatsApp Mod

As an unofficial WhatsApp, of course, the WhatsApp mod also has shortcomings that differentiate between the official WhatsApp and the WhatsApp mod. The drawbacks are as follows:

Your messages may not be safe and can even be read by third people because there is no guarantee of security from Whatsapp mods.

It is difficult to update the application because it is not available on the app store or play store.

Sometimes the blocking itself occurs because WhatsApp is not official.
Whatsapp mods are more likely to inject Malware and Spyware like viruses because the servers they host are less secure.

Those are some things about WhatsApp. You can judge for yourself the advantages between the official WhatsApp and this WhatsApp mod. But even though it looks very tempting, the WhatsApp mod is not recommended because it has a large enough risk when using it.

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