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Have you ever felt that online shopping overwhelmed you sometimes? With so many options, choices, range of prices, and another thing to look at, clearly you need something to help you with this. Fortunately, there is this Capital One Shopping Portal that will help you compare while you shop online.

Capital One Shopping Browser Extension, How Does It Work?

Capital One Shopping works as an extension browser while you shop online. It is free and automatically works to compare prices as well as the availability of coupons. This app is available on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and also iOS and Android platforms.

Just like other browser extensions, Capital One Shopping works based on user’s personal data to perform customized online shopping experiences. Surely this app will save you more money depending on which site you shop and the type of browser you use.

But how does it really work anyway? Once you install this app it will automatically appear as a pop-up with a better offer. For example, when you shop online at Best Buy or Target this app will work automatically to give you a better offer about shipping, tax, and price on the pop-up boxes.

So, you don’t need to open multiple tabs on your browser for comparison. Let Capital One Shopping portal do it for you so you can save more time and money. Moreover, users can automatically get an instant coupon code added to their cart at checkout.

Frequently Asked of Capital One Shopping

Automation is amazing yet a bit worrying sometimes. It always comes with the question of how secure our personal data is. Or, what if they sell our data for illegal purposes. So, before you install this app, you need to know the below information:

1. Users Privacy

Right before you download or install this app, it will ask your permission to interact and view your web page data. It means it will track your personal data and use it to give you assistance. By using this data, this app works to get you similar or even better deals, coupons, and price of the product you are looking for.

2. How do They Treat Your Personal Data

This app will use almost each of your personal data from the IP Address to purchase history as well as email interactions. It stated that they may share your data with trusted third parties. These third parties are bound with obligations to keep information about your personal data confidential. And also, they don’t sell your data for third parties purposes.

3. Is It Secure?

Capital One Shopping is backed up by a major bank, Capital One itself. But, just like any other browser extensions, it might be attacked by malware. So, make sure you download this app from a reputable app store or web store. Also, don’t forget to install virus protection on your device.

4. Benefits of Using Capital One Shopping

This app saves you from analyzing and comparing which deals are the best for you. It helps you gather and sort information and come up with a result that may save you time and money. This app gathers information from the online shopping site you use to visit and summarize it for you. So, you don’t need to open many tabs just for comparison.

5. Gift and Credit Points

Not just saving you time and money, this app also lets you earn credits when you shop at eBay or Walmart. You will be able to redeem gift cards on that particular shopping site. Simply use your smartphone to scan an item you wish to buy and see if there is a better offer elsewhere.

Finally, the Capital One Shopping portal is secure and the best solution for you who love online shopping. By downloading or installing this app on your device, you’re just giving yourself one more reward.

Download Capital One Shopping Browser Extension Here

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