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These are the advantages of WhatsApp Plus that are not found on regular WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus Features
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These are the advantages of WhatsApp Plus that are not found on regular WhatsApp - WhatsApp is a chat application that is quite widely used by every community. They send short messages, make calls, video calls or share information using this application.

Naturally, this happens because WhatsApp has many advantages over other chat applications. It's just that the advantages offered by the official application is limited so that people still need other features to use WhatsApp.

One of them is the community using Whatsapp Plus, its advantages are superior to WhatsApp that you usually use. Many features are presented to make it easier for you to share chat information or privacy issues that can be done very easily as you need. Anything?

•    Can Change Themes

You can change themes very easily, just rely on the advantages of this WhatsApp. This is of course one of the reasons many Android or iPhone users are switching to this latest WhatsApp.

You can apply the theme options with various designs at will. Many choices of themes are offered without the user having to think about the cost to get it. You can download and use it for free without having to purchase any features.

The advantage, of course, is a recommendation for those of you who are bored with the WhatsApp theme, that's all. That way you will not feel uncomfortable or bored when chatting or surfing the WhatsApp application. You can do it as you wish without spending any money. Interesting right?

•    Can Deactivate Online Status

Another interesting advantage of WhatsApp plus is that you can hide your WhatsApp online status. This feature is here because some people don't want more privacy or just want to reduce misunderstandings due to slow responses when replying to chats from other people.

With this feature, of course, you don't need to worry when you're online but still haven't had the time or are lazy to reply to messages from your friends or partner. Although actually this feature of WhatsApp Plus is presented only so as not to cause misunderstandings when you don't reply to messages because they are busy or the messages are drowned due to accumulated chats. So if you do know that there is an understanding chat from a friend, you can immediately reply to it so that the brotherhood remains well connected.

•    Can Hide Status "Currently Typing"

It is familiar if we are typing a message that we want to send to someone else, the status being typed will appear in the top column of the chat. So the person sending the message will know that you are in the middle of replying to the message.

Some Whatsapp users, of course, feel annoyed by the typing status that appears in the chat room. This is because it will make the opponent chat waiting for a reply from us.

Even though we are actually compiling words or thinking about replying to the chat with what kind of answer, sometimes because there are obstacles to replying, we even cancel sending an answer to the incoming message. If this happens, of course, it will make the chat opponent feel odd and even have bad prejudice.

Not only because of that problem, sometimes we type too long but the contents of the messages sent are short. This also triggers a problem especially if our chat opponent is a partner alone. They will think we are replying to other people's chats when in fact we are busy completing work or other important activities so that typing messages pause.

Thus it is very important for you to use WhatsApp Plus because you can disable the non-typing status in your chats. You no longer need to worry about status-related issues that could raise suspicion or prejudice from our chat opponents. You can even benefit from the hassle-free benefit of people typing messages for you.

•    Can Send Videos, Photos and Share Status with a Larger Size or Number

If you send a video with limited file size or too small then by using WhatsApp you can get a feature to share videos with a size of 30 MB. Unlike the regular WhatsApp application which is not that big.

You can even send photos of up to 90 pieces. For those of you who are in need of certain documentation, you should recommend using this WhatsApp application.

Another plus is that you can also share statuses with a total of 250 characters. So those of you who feel limited because regular WhatsApp only provides character features up to 139 now don't need to worry anymore.

That's reading some of the advantages that you will get when you switch to WhatsApp Plus. Interesting right?

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