The Emergence of Android News Apps as The Revolution of News World

28 Mar  lens3 min read star_rate

The Internet is a revolution, a great revolution in the history of human civilization. The Internet changed almost everything, including the way people get news. Instead of just waiting and depending on TV-based media and newspapers, we can switch as we please from one online news site to other similar websites. The revolution by the Internet on the delivery of news to the public brings (broadly) two sides; positive and negative. These changes bring negative implications for many established publishing companies but to consumers, the Internet brings them the freedom to choose the news, and of course they no longer have to pay for subscription fees in most cases.

Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system in the world. This operating system works on a different way than what is run by iOS, Apple’s operating system. “Freedom” is what Android offers, and Google ensures anyone can play a role as a vendor to fill the system. A spirit of freedom that seems to be inspired by the instincts of teenagers! This operating system was developed by Google and continually updated regularly for improved performance. One characteristic of Android is that it pioneered the provision of applications that actually are “more user-friendly containers” of any site or service, including news provider sites. They are represented by freely downloadable (mostly free) apps. Many of these news websites specialize in a single age segment, such as those targeting teenagers.

There are many Android news apps that seem to be targeting more “unconventional” targets. We can include Flipboard, Pocket, Teenage Magazine and Teen Pop into our box. If you are a teenager who wants various info and news about teenage world, you should try one of them. For example, Teenage Magazine provides news about teenagers, such as “Most awaited games of this year.” You know, games of this year is a kind of favorized topic by teenagers. So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to Google’s Play Store and download what’s worth it. Good luck and happy trying!

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