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Reasons Why The Sims Is The Greatest Virtual Life Game

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16 May  lens5 min read star_rate

One reason people play video games is that they want to escape from their current situation. You get to enter a fantasy world with fictional characters and leave your real-life problems behind for a while. You can also relax as you spend time in a fantasy world. In 2000, a game was released for computers called "The Sims" where you could create your own character or choose an existing character and you were playing a virtual life game.

What are some of the reasons this game remained so popular since it was first released in 2000?

1. The Characters You Interact With

Relationships you have with other people are important and the same is true for this game. Your character will interact with other characters and relationships of love and hatred will form. You can go up to other characters and start talking to them so you don't have to worry about anything happening if your character doesn't know the other person. The more relationships you try to build, the more interesting your game will become.

2. Design Your Living Space

When you first started the game, you could choose the type of house you wanted to live in. You would probably not be able to afford the mansion at the beginning unless you were playing with cheat codes. The fun with your living space didn't end once you chose where you were going to live.

You had the freedom to make your home look the way you wanted. You could even build more rooms as long as you had the space to build a room. After your house looked the way you wanted it to look, you could spend the money your characters have left on TVs and other household items you would use every day in the life of your characters.

3. Keep Adding To The Original Game

Many people who still play "The Sims" are probably not playing the original game. The game featuring Sims that seems to get the most attention is "The Sims 4." There have been packs of extra content released which could be used in "The Sims 4." Some of these packs allow you to have pets or have you to deal with different seasons as you play through the game.

More packs allow for different situations that weren't included at first but these packs kept the game feeling new because there was always something to do that you hadn't experienced yet. Some people will say these games are no longer fun once they get old and that happens with most games. These packs that were released would fix the problem with "The Sims 4."

4. The Stories Of Some Characters

As you go through the game, your character will have a history with different characters which will impact their relationship with that character. However, some other characters have backstories that sound crazy. While the stories themselves may be entertaining, how you would react will factor into how you get along with that character in the future.

5. Living A Fictional Life

While some people won't understand the charm of controlling someone who goes through the same routine activities as you like going to a job and creating a family, a lot of people have seen the fun in being someone else in a realistic world. In the end, you can relate to that character because you control how they react to certain situations. Besides controlling how your character reacts, you can also try to do things you wouldn't be so quick to try in real life.

The reasons discussed above is why The Sims 4 is the best virtual life game you will find. The Sims was first released in 2000 and over the last 20 years has grown its fan base. The game has stayed fresh with all the extra content that is available and it's fun to see what would happen to your character in this fictional world.

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