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Best Home Automation Security 2019

Of all the features of a home, security is the most vital
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Of all the features of a home, security is the most vital. Sometimes homes are vulnerable to being broken into and burglars seize such opportunities to rob and make away with valuable items illegally. It is for this reason that homes need to have security systems such as access control and alarm systems installed. For home automation security to be effective, electronic devices like desktop or laptop computers need to be connected to a central hub. Smartphones should also be installed with apps that relate to security matters and have internet connection so as to carry out the functions they’re designed for.

Since doors and windows are usually the prime targets of entry into houses, security alarm systems should be fitted so as to detect any movement when a window or door is opened. With the help of top-notch devices like motion detectors, you are able to monitor almost every corner of your house and when unauthorized movement is detected, a distress signal is sent to your programmed device. Wireless protocols such as Wi-Fi enable communication with devices and allows you to add extra security apparatus for your entire house including programmed garage doors openers, surveillance cameras and light detectors.

Best Professional Home Automation Security Companies

1. Vivint Home Security

Ranking one of the best home security companies, Vivint offers smart technology devices for home security measures as well as offering unmatched positive customer service. The company provides smart tech, high quality products such as doorbell cameras, outdoor video surveillance, remote control door locks and also high definition indoor video recording. Vivint also provides wide variety of smart sensors to choose from including motion detectors and glass break detectors.

Some of the key product features include customized remote controls which have panic buttons as well as voice recognition technology which can respond to various commands that control factors such as lighting and temperature. Vivint home security products guarantee a longer lifespan and installation service is almost immediate once you contact the company. Vivint also has cost-effective monitoring options namely the Smart Protect, Smart Protect plus Control and Smart Complete options crucial to home security.

2. Frontpoint Security Solutions

Frontpoint is a technology and service company highly reputable for its offering of customized home security systems. It provides state-of-the-art wireless and remote-control systems that provide home coverage and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

Products offered include smart locks, keychain remotes, garage door sensors, glass break sensors and many more. The company has a mobile app which enables you to receive alerts about essential components like wireless indoor and outdoor cameras as well as motion sensors.

Frontpoint allows you to conduct a do-it-yourself installation of their equipment within a short time as this helps to ensure that your privacy is not breached by unwanted attention. Surveillance cameras are well equipped to capture important pictures around your home and to record videos and stream them live. With a system protection plan, Frontpoint systems have in-built system checks that run every 68 minutes to ensure that your system is online.

The systems have an interactive plan which enables you to create custom alerts to inform you who is trying to gain access into your system. They also have an ultimate plan that helps you to utilize cameras for night vision as well as video recording and live streaming from your phone.

Challenges regarding security concerns such as home networks being accessed by hackers, easy access into homes through doors and
windows where there’s no automated security and intrusion into weak security systems can lead to burglaries.

Intelligent home security products help overcome these threats by ensuring that strong passwords are used to prevent hackers from gaining access into and manipulating system data. They also facilitate system upgrade and ensure that you’re informed about the latest high technology security products for your home.





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