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Apex Legends, Season Five: Fortune's Favor Review

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16 May  lens4 min read star_rate

Strap on your jump packs and ping the drop zone for Apex Legend Season Five. It takes place in the revamped "King's Landing" map and comes with some serious game-changers.

Firstly, the introduction of the hero Loba Andrade. Loba is a thief with a personal vendetta against the hero (Using the term lightly) that was released before her, Revenant. Loba brings a bunch of unique skills to the Apex Arena. Her passive allows her to see Epic and Legendary loot through walls. So you can expect the average Loba to be pretty well shielded and dangerously well-armed.

Her ultimate, Black Market Boutique allows her to pick up to two items from all the nearby loot in the area to bolster her defenses. This skill much like Revenant's own Death Recall can also be used by enemy teams. And is pretty easy to spot at a distance. So shop quick if you don't want to be interrupted by the enemy. Perhaps Loba's most deadly ability is her jump drive bracelet. It allows for quick repositioning. The gunfights in Apex Legends are decided in no small part by positioning. Her ability to easily ambush enemies puts her high on any tier list.

There have also been changes to Mirage that allow him to cloak himself and a team member he's helping up and he has more nuanced control over his holograms. These changes make the season 5 launch a little more dangerous than previous seasons. The Mastiff Shotgun has been pushed into the mix as well with the peacekeeper replacing it as a care package weapon drop.

The peacekeeper prior to this was a very common weapon that has now had its damage boosted to become a dropped weapon. The scary thing here is that previously care package weapons came with a hint of caution. Most people didn't have the practice on the weapons to utilize them in a fight but the peacekeeper has a high rate of use. Meaning your enemies are gonna pack a little more of a punch now and with a weapon that they likely have tons of experience with.

Season five of Apex Legends also comes with an additional mini-game "The Hunt" it revolves around picking up treasure boxes throughout the map that allow you access to a Hunt. Which can be completed single or with teammates. It's very similar to the prior season's Bloodhound Trials.

All in all season five is an exciting addition to Apex's ever-evolving maps and hero list. The season battle pass also comes with some pretty good equipment skins and emotes for all the hardcore Apex players. They've changed the way the game interacts with players whose internet drops. This season any players who have lagged out get the chance the reconnect to the squad. So gear up and engage the enemy in the dynamic Fools Fortune Season 5 of Apex Legends.

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