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Apex Legends Season 3 Is Out and is Amazing!

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06 Oct  lens3 min read star_rate

Apex Legends, a free battle-royale game with millions of players, took his biggest update last week and we are here to inform you about all the interesting stuff!

New Map

Yes, you read well, there's added a new map in the last update, named Worl's Edge. and it's two times bigger than Kings Canyon, the previous map (which is temporarily unavailable) So, the new map is honestly a big change to gameplay, and that's because experienced players don't longer have any map-awareness advantage. There are a lot of new paths and strategies to discover but from out little experience in this map, we have to admit that "World's Edge" looks amazing! The gameplay is also different because of the incredibly huge size of the map, as a result, games last longer because teams don't meet and fight so often.


Loot has changed for the best, and now it's easier for new players to loot and find guns that are confident with! They have been removed two popular attachments: disruptor ammo and skull piercer rigging. But don't worry, there is a new attachment for R-301 and Flatline and its name is "Anvil Receiver". His job is to increase semi-auto damage and it's doing it pretty well! They have also made a few changes on G7 Scout and an overall balance to guns of every field, which aim to a better experience!

New Weapon

There's also a new weapon in the game, the Charge Rifle, which is an energy gun, effective at long-ranges. It's also a pretty good choice for beginners! When it charges up, it fires laser to the target that makes decent damage! You can also aim more accurate with the help of laser assist!

New Legend

Well, season 3 came with a new Apex Legend too, named Crypto and he's designed for new players. Crypto is a legend that can be very helpful to his team even if he's out of combat. That happens because he spots enemies with his drone, that can navigate from a pretty big distance! With this ability, Crypto can participate in a variety of new strategies that will make the game more interesting and entertaining. As playing with Crypto we found out that he's very fun to play and makes the actual game better! If you want to buy him, just do it! you won't regret it!

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