5 Best Playstore Game Apps of 2017

28 Mar  lens3 min read star_rate

While the spotlight is on the Google Play store apps and games nominated for its 2017 Play Awards, not all of us want to spend money on games. In our list, we share few free-to-play titles especially picked from some impressive top 10 ios games across a number of genres.

Here they are:

1) Clash Royale

It is a strategic game coming from the creators of well-known Clash of Clans. Get zoned and addictive as you cross between a MOBA and a tower-defense title on a one-on-one battle with other players around the world. One thing to remember is that you must destroy troops while your army moves along two lanes.

2) Plague Inc.

In this game, you become an infected zombie with a deadly virus who uses strategy and post-apocalypse dimensions to spread the same among the world’s population.

3) Super Mario Run

Nintendo does it again and has proved us that Super Mario run is worth the wait. The app consists of three games in one – an endless energetic runner in a mushroom kingdom who tackles through 24 different courses, in multiplayer mode, as you challenge others to up your scorecard.

4) Asphalt Xtreme

Long as a mainstay in the App store, it is voted among the top 10 ios games offering the thrills and chills associated with mobile racing. As you race through endless dunes and canyons, the game in five modes and hundreds of challenges. You can race up to eight people.

5) Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia friendly mobile version pares down the 4X genre of games. You’ll get to explore a map, find and develop your civilization and also deal with tribes in your neighborhood. Tally the highest score possible with quick wit and mechanics.

This impressive roundup is all available in the Play Store and were spotted by us for you! Enjoy!

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