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5 Best Online Training Platforms You Must Know

Below are some of the best online training platforms
08 Apr  lens4 min read star_rate

Below are some of the best online training platforms:

1. Cornerstone

It's one of the best online training platform open source tool. It has a user-friendly interface which has a professional look. This platform has the capacity to support various training programs and function effectively. Different syllabuses can be taught by the use of one application. Due to its ability to integrate with most software, it makes uploading of learning materials easier. Cornerstone is learners mobile-friendly application which allows learners to have lessons at any particular place.

2. Docebo

This is also an online personal training program. This platform ensures learning is accessible to both organizations and private users. It also makes the learning process effective. Docebo online training software comprises of numerous features like granting users unlimited reporting schedule, it also provides a platform for social networking to its users. This leads to perfect networking which is great for the learning process.

3. GoToTraining

It's an online video training program. One is given free trial days and an outlined pay plan for you to select after evaluating the online training platform. This enables one to study the psychology of your students prior to the start of your class. This also enables you to modify your material to satisfy their individual's demands. It also has features that facilitate interactive learning. These incorporated features include waterboards that can be distributed to students in a class and also in small discussion groups. Tests can also be administered using this application to evaluate the student's performance.

4. Zoho ShowTime

It has a user-friendly learning interface that ensures the learning process is not only simple but also fun. It equips trainers with timely analytics of the class to enable them to control and develop better sessions. The use of the virtual question and answer session provides a platform for class interaction. Due to its ability to save the users information, it allows the students to keep on communicating even after the lesson is over.

5. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Its also known as the revolutionary application. It provides its users with numerous exceptional features on its training platforms which are the priced ones and the free ones. This application is compatible as it can work on iOS, PC, Mac and also Android. At ezTalks you can train at least 100 people without incurring any cost. Its interactive and friendly user interface makes the learners feel as if they are training in a small classroom. What makes the learning process engaging and fun is the ability of learners to share text messages both privately and publicly.

The learning materials are generally made attractive by this application. This is because provides a platform for high definition streaming of images and videos. It also allows the trainee to share the ideas to the whole class via the use of the interactive whiteboard. It permits learners to switch to different presenters by muting others. This amazing feature makes this platform to be viewed as one of the best online training programs. To those who may wish to intensify their training, this is the best online training platform to go by.

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