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5 best free website builders in 2019

Building a website so fast
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Building a website is time-consuming. Before the advent of website builders, coming up with a website relied on two options: the ability to code or the financial muscle to pay a professional web developer.

Thanks to time, things advance for the better. A free website builder will connect your business or blog to the entire web-space in minutes at no hustle. A major hurdle would be to choose the website builder that best suits your purpose. New free website builders mushroom every year with the ultimate goal to up-sell their clients to permanent hostage. Such annual changes would render some of them obsolete over time or overtaken by rivals.

This piece is meant to help us define the top five best free website builders.

1. Weebly

Weebly has managed to retain its place as a top free website builder for small businesses. The user-friendly platform boasts of mobile friendly themes and SEO guides. It obviously has a premium plan but the good thing is that weebly puts your site out there for your customers without sweating out a bunch of codes from you. With this free website builder, you can create an infinite number of pages for your site and enjoy 500 MB of storage at no cost. The rate at which weebly releases free stylish themes is impressive.

2. Wix

Like its rival, Weebly, wix has become a household name in the web development space - thanks to their aggressive marketing. The SEO Optimization of the entire wix space is a striking feature of this free website builder. That means your website rides on that free feature; a goldmine for a non-experienced beginner.

Well, the templates are a bit traditional and much customized but a professional would find that fact preferably conducive. In fact, wix has so far attracted the small businesses’ niche as a free website builder of choice. The builder has reliable customer support, quite the charm that works towards wix retaining you as a permanent client. Would you want to connect a store to your website later on? Well, the Wix interface had you in mind.

3. Webstarts

Just as the name suggests, this free website builder starts you off on the web-space with a variety of pros.  This begins with a free 1 GB storage. The easiest way to explain the magic of webstarts is that your website's front-end will look exactly as it does in the editor. It is described as a drag and drop editor. Seemingly, the creators of this free website builder had the basic problem of the clueless website owner in mind.

Even though the webstarts free platform is comparably ad-heavy, the live customer support is a button away when editing your website. You can pre-view you website even before publishing. The only major hurdle would be that: once you choose a specific template from the many options in webstarts, you could not change it. Webstarts would be your best bet especially if you expect most of your web-page visits to occur via PC.

4. Jimdo

This is the place to stop and act if you desire an online store. The user-friendly platform has superb traps for the beginner e-commerce enthusiast seeking his online space. The 500MB free storage and 2GB bandwidth is not the only appetizer. E-commerce tools like forms are available to persuade your clients to leave their details for a further sales engagement. Alongside all that, Jimdo's social-media merging features are ideal for an online store. This free website builder can actually be ideal for a blog.

5. Wordpress

Bloggers have a lot to gain from the free plan of wordpress. This free website builder has very blogger-friendly templates. With front-end features like commenting, featured posts, post-tagging and post-categorizing, it is vivid how successful has been able to sell itself as the bloggers' choice. Most importantly, you might not need any coding skills for the free plan but the basic would come in handy for an upgrade.

Finally, there is no reason not to claim an online presence and get a piece of the web-space pie for your business or blog.

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