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5 best antivirus for PC in 2019

The list of the best free antivirus windows
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Before understanding which is the best 5 antivirus pc, it is important to understand what the functions of this tool and its features are. Although this may seem like a sentence made, it is appropriate to state that no one will ever remain immune to viruses or potential threats, given that every terminal, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc is now connected to the network.

It is this connection that puts anyone's computer at risk of any kind, including those arising from malicious people who want to steal personal and sensitive data. In order to avoid these types of problems, over the years special tools have been designed and installed, precisely the free online antivirus, which represents a real shield against any intrusion attempt.

Having made this premise, it is time to proceed with the list of the best free antivirus windows, taking particular care to describe its operation and characteristics:

1. Avast

It is one of the most famous and consequently even the most downloaded antivirus. The motivations of this celebrity vainly sought both in ease of use and in performances that will prove to be more than sufficient. To further confirm the simplicity and immediacy of Avast, it is worth remembering that its installation requires only a few simple clicks.

A manual scan function will allow you to instantly check parameters ranging from messaging programs to the security status of your e-mail accounts, from the network in general up to the saved files. All seasoned with periodic updates.

Updates, these, which will guarantee the PC an updated and up-to-date database. The only drawback worthy of note is its size, not exactly small. Despite this minor inconvenience, it is possible to include Avast in this prestigious array, including it among those who are the best antiviruses.

2. Avira

Avira is another interesting option, presenting itself as one of the most effective and incisive free online antiviruses. Among the warhorses that this product can boast there is a very high rate of virus detection, a percentage that reaches the remarkable figure of 99%.

Given, this, that is linked to a double thread with a meticulous precision inherent to the contrast of the so-called false positives. This, along with so much more, has led Avira antivirus to be strongly appreciated by users, given its insuperability both in recognizing potential threats and overcoming them once and for all. Another characteristic to be indicated is the vast and varied range of functions that, unlike many other competing antiviruses, are offered completely free of charge.

3. AVG Antivirus Mac Free

Using this free online antivirus only minimizes PC performance. Without then counting the high rate of customization, which in no way represents a detail of secondary and laughable importance. The opening window, the main one, includes icons for e-mail and web protection, with both of which will be enabled immediately after completion of the download process.

Before this last phase is completed, a careful and prudent eye will have to be lent to the checkboxes, so as not to face unpleasant and unpleasant surprises, with additional options that have not even been requested. Immediately below the two panels mentioned above, a button called Scan Computer is positioned. By clicking on it, a total scan will be launched, which will pass the usual and restricted boundaries of that concerning exclusive malware.

AVG is a free online antivirus that, having a laughable imprint on the operating system startup process, does not overlap this intrusively. Its compatibility is therefore assured against the vast majority of operating systems used, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS and Android.

4. Bitdefender

Although not very well known in Italy, Bitdefender is one of the most authoritative free online antiviruses. Among the factors that contribute to building Bitdefender's usefulness is lightness, confirmed by the large number of positive reviews that cover the web by the way.

A solution, Bitdefender, which adapts perfectly to the so-called web profane. Users who, having machines that are by now outdated and that would not be able to support excessive workloads, need an antivirus that is light and functional for the purpose. Bitdefender is also very simple to use: it can be installed in just a few seconds, offering a real-time detection system and a scan that will quickly detect viruses, malware, Trojans and worms.

5. Kaspersky Free

The last free antivirus listed in the list is Kaspersky Free, certainly one of the most convincing solutions. Similarly to all the other free antiviruses reported before, the protection that this offers is in all respects fundamental, protection that takes the form of all the essential functions for safe browsing.

Among these is the blocking of reputedly dangerous files and applications that have not been verified, together with the sending of notices if you are browsing unsafe websites. In addition, to differentiate Kaspersky Free from all other free antivirus is the almost total absence of annoying and invasive notifications, very annoying and sometimes not very useful.

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