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10 Ways to Make Money Online 2019

Get income from your home
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A lot of people these days work harder than usual to catch up with the lifestyle that this modern age has developed. To provide for basic necessities and other demands of daily living, people grind but still strive to find that work-life balance.

For this matter, people are turning to opportunities that will allow then to work from home and utilize online resources to get sufficient income. Some even do this aside from their regular jobs. Here are 10 ways to make money online this year 2019.

1. Blogging

This remains to be all the hype these days. We can get new information from any bog of different niches online every day. If you have a knack for writing and presenting topics in interesting ways, then you can launch a blog. You earn by garnering a number of followers and getting affiliated with companies to advertise on your page. For every person who clicks on their link and avail of their services or buys their product, you get a commission.

2. Software Building/ Program Writing

We live in a technologically advancing world. More demands for automations that can help completion of tasks easier come up on a daily basis. If you are tech savvy and skilled in writing programs or build software, you can easily sell these to people who can utilize them for their own business or profession. One example is when you come up with a program that can help consolidating grades and making tabulating numbers easier for teachers then you can approach schools to pitch your product.

3. Sell Products Online

The retail industry has seen some of the most drastic changes in customer-seller experience over the years. From physical stores, people now prefer to shop online. It does save time for commute and long lines for payment. Selling pre-loved things online can get you started and them you can proceed to be a distributor of different brands or local products, as well.

4. Freelance Writing

This by far is one of the most employable jobs online. You can start learning the ropes for online content writing. If you already have the talent for writing in different styles and communicating flawlessly, then all you need is to market yourself aptly for you to get projects. Once you begin working for people or organizations and you get satisfactory feedback, you client pool becomes bigger.

5. YouTube Videos (Vlogging)

The media giant YouTube has a plethora of videos that are both for entertainment and education. With the influx of different areas of interest in pop culture, you can capitalize on this by making videos for public audience. If you like sharing and have the talent for making informative videos, this can work for you. You may star small and build a following by sharing your daily life, skincare routine and travel logs to the public. When your audience grows, you can get more opportunities for advertisement partners and get paid per number of views.

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