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10 Upcoming Amazing PS4 Games 2019

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For enthusiasts and generally all gamers alike, the excitement arises for the new game releases for PS4. There have been many speculations on what games will be released for this year to upgrade everybody’s list.

These are 10 upcoming PS4 games for 2019 that are some of the most anticipated and the surest ones to be released. The games are not in order of release date:

1. Ghost of Tsushima

This game from the same developers that made Infamous, is about the character Jin taking on a revenge mission against Mongols for the burning of his village to the grounds. Set in 1274 Japan, this Samurai-based game is action-packed with sword-play, horse-riding and fighting that can be akin to For Honor.

2. Death Stranding

This is one of the newer games that have no actual reviews from people who actually played the game. To compensate for the lack of game play, there is an available footage of what goes on in the studio where they filmed the game.

3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This classic favorite and most-awaited remake has been through a whirlwind of speculations and trolling. The mystery has further been enticed because of the very little details released so far. There are some details known, however, like the fact that this remake has more action than the original. This gets mixed reactions from fans. Purists would prefer a closer to the original version and some are welcoming the upgrade when it comes to the scenes regardless of how many instalments it will come as.

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